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Winner announcement for THE GREAT ORDEAL
Monday , 13 June 2016 , 11 : 42 PM

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

We had 60 entires, all with some pretty damned good reasoning behind their favourite characters. Resident GdM Bakker Super Fan, Durand, read them all and picked the one he thought best.

Congratulations to CaptainCrawdad for his winning response:

Kellhus. Perhaps one of the most original protagonists in a fantasy series, his alien perspective is a delight to read. While other POV characters are sympathetic and rounded, Kellhus drives the whole series and gives me a reason to keep reading: I want to understand the mystery of just what Kellhus is doing and find out what his role will really be.

You're the proud winner of an ARC of R. Scott Bakker's THE GREAT ORDEAL! Drop me a line with your postal details so I can get your prize sorted: Adrian (at) grimdarkmagazine (dot) com

The ARC will come direct from Overlook in the States. A huge thanks to the Overlook guys for putting up such a cool prize.


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  • Posted by: Adrian Collins
  • COMMENT BY: Madness
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Comments (1)
Comments by Madness June 14, 2016

CaptainCrawdad, if you’re finished reading before the book comes out, come over to the Second Apocalypse forum :).

Also, GdM, is the Resident Bakker Super Fan, Durand, nearing review completion?