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Dawn of War III
Tuesday , 14 June 2016 , 12 : 00 AM

I lost all hope for seeing another edition of one of my all time favourite strategy games, Dawn of War. Gaming studios in shambles. Little to no word on what was happening. I thought we'd seen the last of it. 

At the PC Gamer E3 show, we got a little taste of the glory. Check it out.

It's a pre-alpha, so go easy on it, but I was pretty happy to see the larger scale battles coming back in, though I'm interested in finding out if they manage to keep some of the squadplay in there from DoW2.

Something that I can't WAIT to see, are more of the cinematics they come up with this time. Check out the original release trailer. They are really going for bodycount here!

I mean, with an opening like the one below to DoW1, they know how to do them right and appeal to their audience. (It's one of my favourite cinematics--had to show it off again!)

 I'm hoping for a mix of the first two DoWs, though the gameplay might not show it yet. I'm also a bit sceptical of the leaping Gabriel Angelos in terminator armour, but hey, C.S. Goto had them riding rhinos at one point, so why not? 

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