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Beyond Redemption Giveaway
Friday , 06 November 2015 , 06 : 03 PM

Mike Fletcher, author of the brilliant Beyond Redemption and 88, wants you to get delusional!

What's the deal?

The Geisteskranken in Mike's Beyond Redemption (check out our review here) twist reality with the power of their delusions. 

Knowledge isn't an axiom, it's a force of nature. What the masses believe is. But insanity is a weapon, conviction a shield. Delusions give birth to foul new gods. Violent and dark, the world is filled with the Geisteskranken--men and women whose delusions manifest, twisting reality

You've got 100 words to answer "What's your biggest delusion and why?" Just pop it into the comments section below and then wait to see if Mike makes it rain books on you. There's no set requirement for comedy, morbidness, sci-fi, fantasy, honesty, etc, etc beyond the 100 word limit -- so go berserk, get inventive, and have fun with it!

Mike's favourite entry will nab an ebook copy of Beyond Redemption, while the next two favourites will be sent ebook copies of 88.


How does my delusion win?

As your posts come through into the comments I'll approve them (give me 24hrs before chasing me if you feel the need) and they'll pop up below.

On the 30th of November 2016, Mike will pick his favourite responses from the comments section and we'll hand out a bunch of prizes to the top 3 entrants. It's that easy.

Now get delusional!

  • Posted by: Adrian Collins
  • COMMENT BY: Michael R. Fletcher
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Comments (17)
Comments by Michael R. Fletcher December 01, 2015

I must admit, I expected this to be easier. At first I thought, “I’ll just pick the most entertaining.”
And then I read them and thought, “I’ll pick the one I most relate to.”
Then I thought I should go with the scariest.

Since I’m supposed to pick three, I can do all of that.

Wrychard Wrycthen clings to sanity with a mad desperation I can both understand and appreciate and is the winner of Beyond Redemption.

Travis and celtic_ronin both win copies of 88, a nasty slice of cyberpunk.

Email me at mike@michaelrfletcher.com and let me know your preferred format (EPUB/MOBI/PDF).

Thanks to everyone for entering!


Mike Fletcher

Comments by Eric Woods November 24, 2015

That I know better than everyone else. Every day I see the actions of others and comment on how I would do it better. And I believe it. A sense that I would be successful if I even tried so why try if the success is guaranteed? Just a level of self satisfied arrogance that has actually started to be a real problem. Especially with working and projects.

It is something that I am working on and it’s a hard road. Even writing this was hard but there it is.

Comments by Drew Weldon November 24, 2015

My biggest delusion is in thinking that the world will get better and that a single person can change anything, when it’s been proven time and time again that violence only ever breeds more violence and I’m probably deluding myself in thinking that we can all learn from past mistakes and unite together for a better world.

Comments by Christoph November 24, 2015

That I am the star is my biggest delusion. I crawl through life in a self-obsessed haze, thinking myself the main character in my story.

I’m not. At best, I am a supporting role for those with more to say and do than I. More likely, I’m part of the scenery.

I just hope I’m nearby when something cool happens.

Comments by Gina MacIntyre November 23, 2015

Okay, so I am coming out of the woods to openly admit that I am into Bigfoot. In my heart I know that one day….yes…one day when I am out there somewhere without a camera that fateful beast will show itself. Or at least maybe take a wizz on my tent --Bigfoot DNA, you know. Someday, someday…..

Comments by Adrian November 21, 2015

X-Files fans are delusional. The most overrated show in the history of television returns next year. No doubt there will be more unexplained phenomenon, with Mulder and Scully dancing around their obvious attractions to each other whilst wasting tax payers money and discovering absolutely nothing. Fans of this show are delusional in their belief that it’s good.

Comments by Travis November 18, 2015

A little self-delusion goes a long way.

My delusion is believing that self-delusion actually helps us in life. Think of any big decision you’ve made or any goal you’ve set for yourself: asking your future wife(husband/partner) to marry you; deciding to have a kid; writing a novel—FINISHING a novel… Without some level of self-delusion of thinking you were worthy enough, smart enough, or talented enough to go after your dreams, would any of us have been able to make them happen?

Or perhaps my delusion is believing that a little self-delusion is a wonderful thing.

Comments by Wrychard Wrycthen November 18, 2015

My biggest delusion is that I apparently have no delusion. I perceive humanity as traveling through space on a giant, vegetation covered rock at speed, surrounded by billions of other filthy, lying animals that will betray them at any and every turn. Everything that can be made difficult and counter-intuitive is, seemingly for the sake of frustration itself. Everything was fundamentally pointed and constructed for hundreds if not thousands of years before anyone living had even been born to create a societal structure that keeps the rich as rich as possible and the poor as poor as possible. But again, maybe this is my delusion.

Comments by Tim ward November 14, 2015

That me pursuing a career in writing is foolish and something to be ashamed of. That I am worthy of less respect than people who make more money in their day jobs.

Comments by Raymond Stephens November 11, 2015

Delusions? I’ve had more than my share most likely.

When I was younger I thought adults – especially older adults had their shit together. They knew the answers. Being firmly entrenched in middle age, I know much better. Doubts and questions continue to be a way of life.

The biggest delusion – that having doubts and questions are a bad thing. Questioning what you see, hear, read, and watch is sign of intelligence. Only idiots are certain.

Comments by conchan November 11, 2015

Biggest delusion: That Monday won’t suck.
Why: It always sucks.

Comments by Peter Fugazzotto November 11, 2015

That first sip. That sudden bitter swish and swallow. Darkness becomes light.

Another gulp. Java, Colombia, Ethiopia, it doesn’t matter. The edges tear away. Distant walls fall; armies of helmeted soldiers scream.

The world is mine.

The liquid sings on my tongue. I choke back sudden giddy laughter. What can’t I do? The dreams dance right there at the end of my fingertips. Mine, mine, mine.

Then the cup is lifted.

Empty. No more. Already it slips away. The magic is gone.

The cup empty.

Comments by smans001 November 10, 2015

My greatest delusion is that somehow, someway, the disappointment, hurt, frustration and heartache of everyone else is my fault. This is a delusion because it has absolutely nothing to do with me (unless I shove a knife in your back). It’s a self-centered delusion that doesn’t let others feel shitty when they just need to feel shitty. Nothing can be fixed, only carried for years and eons and finally transformed.

Comments by Beatmuppet November 10, 2015

Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes

Comments by C.T. Phipps November 09, 2015

My biggest delusion is also my biggest truth that each and every part of this universe is part of my larger will-generated universe which is centered around my consciousness. Other people exist but we’re all floating in our own interlocking collection of realities formed by our perception. We are a race of seven billion gods living together in the shared dream and insanity of a universe which is defined by our choice to see it the way we do. When, really, we can choose to change it however we want.

Comments by Anthony Giordano November 09, 2015

My greatest delusion is that I would somehow gain a sense of belonging in a community where I am obviously fated to be no more than an end-user in.
That by surrounding myself with walls of books, and offering unctuous, sycophantic platitudes upon authors I might somehow ingratiate myself into the circle of the producers, and not be low-hanging fruit on the branch of consumers.
That somehow, just by seeing authors on social media, the few paltry ideas echoing in the barrens of my mind will become the next great novel.
My greatest delusion is that laziness will beget greatness.

Comments by celtic_ronin November 09, 2015

We are shale fossils from the Paleozoic era. She is a broad-leafed fern and I am a carnivorous thunder lizard who refuses to devour her. Years pass, tectonic plates shift, and we crumble into dust as we drift apart.

I want to impress her, so I steal all the starlight from the sky. You try too hard, she sighs, shaking the shale dust from her hair. She casts the glowing box aside.

A few people complain about the missing starlight. The police promise to look into the matter, but their hands are really tied, what with budget cuts and all.