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Red Kent from Mark Lawrence's Bad Seed
Wednesday , 25 November 2015 , 04 : 07 AM

Jason Deem has done it again with his new cover for Grimdark Magazine issue #1. In GdM #1 we were incredibly fortunate to secure a short story from one of the premier authors in the fantasy genre, but then incredibly bummed out when our cover artist for the issue unfortunately had to pull out of their commitment at the 11th hour. Fortunately our graphic designer came to the rescue with 30 minutes notice and created the original issue #1 cover.

With time, and a solid relationship built with Jason, we've been able to finally address that cover and bring it in to line with the kind of art you're now used to seeing on our ezine. Without any further ado, I give you Red Kent from Mark Lawrence's Bad Seed by Jason Deem.  

If you haven't checked out Red Kent in action in Bad Seed, go check it out over on our product page or on amazon.com.

If you'd like to check out more of Jason's artwork, head on over to his website, or you can buy his art for your own book or website through our marketplace.


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  • Posted by: Adrian Collins
  • COMMENT BY: Dennis O'Shea
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Comments by Dennis O'Shea February 01, 2016

Absolutely fantastic