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Marc Turner's Devil Watching Competiton
Thursday , 28 January 2016 , 06 : 45 AM
Marc Turner is the author of When the Heavens Fall, which we reviewed here. His second book, Dragon Hunters, hits the shelves in the US and the UK on the 9th of February, 2016, and in Australia and NZ on the 8th of March, 2016. To celebrate his second book, we'll be running a contest to win one of two copies of When the Heavens Fall!

In Marc's short story, There's a Devil Watching Over You, a group of bandits picks the wrong man to rob. You can read the story, or listen to an audio version narrated by Emma Newman, at Marc’s website here. The two main characters, Luker and Safiya, part on less than amicable terms, but meet again later in The Chronicles of the Exile series.

In the comments below this post, in 100 words or less, what do you think will happen when they do?

Marc Turner's Devil Watching Competition opens here at Grimdark Magazine on the 6th of February and closes on the 13th of February. Marc will pick out his favourite two choices (which may or may not be the ones closest to reality!) on the 14th of February and we'll announce the winners immediately after that!

Get reading or listening to There's a Devil Watching Over You now to get your entry in!

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Comments (11)
Comments by Marc Turner February 14, 2016

I was intrigued to read that some people thought Luker and Safiya might end up as an item. Once you’ve met Jenna from When the Heavens Fall, you’ll see why that would be a bad idea for everyone concerned . . . which makes it an excellent idea worth considering, come to think of it!

I can only choose two winners, so I’ve gone for Drew Weldon and smans001. Please email me at marc[at]marcturner[dot]net with your contact details.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and I hope you enjoyed the short story.

Marc Turner

Comments by drew weldon February 13, 2016

Luker is down in his cups, a hooded figure walks into the bar, placing an arrow and an unstrung bow on the table then walks away. Luker finishes his drink, makes a quip that he knew this day would come and walks outside, where the figure is waiting “Safiya” Luker says, “Hello Luker, I need your help…………….”.

Comments by Adrian February 11, 2016

This comp is based on a free short story over on the authors website. Click on the link referenced in the competition text above to head on over and check it out!

Comments by Adrian February 11, 2016

This comp is based on a free short story over on the authors website. Click on the link referenced in the competition text above to head on over and check it out!

Comments by Greg February 11, 2016

I don’t know because I haven’t read When the Heavens Fall yet.. maybe if I win one I’ll be able to make a prediction. :)

Comments by Greg Hersom February 11, 2016

Well, I couldn’t really say because I have not yet read When the Heavens Fall, yet.. So how about giving me one of those 2 copies and then I’ll tell ya? ;)

Comments by Rob J Hayes February 11, 2016

They go their separate ways, never to see each other again… only never is a very long time and things rarely work out as intended.

Comments by holliney February 10, 2016

I think they will team up, lots of sexual tension, “will they wont they”, ala mulder and scully, kill a few demons/bad guys, almost kiss, but never quite.They will then leave us a cliffhanger!

Comments by m_robinson February 10, 2016

I think at some point they will meet again, unexpectedly. Luker will make a crack about how clean she smells - this time. They will make out at some point (she’s attracted to him on some level). Also, he will be involved in Safiya reuniting with her child (a by-product) , and all the moving parts this implies.

Comments by smans001 February 08, 2016

Safiya will run into Luker as he’s battling a demon from either the second or seventh hell. This demon will get the best of Luker, and just as it’s about to tear his face off Safiya will crack it in the head with her bow. This gives him time to rally and he bests the demon, then falls to the ground exhausted. Instead of lending him a hand to pull him up, Safiya shoots an arrow through his calf and hobbles away. Revenge is sweet.

Comments by conchan February 08, 2016

They eventually agree to visit a anger management therapist to work out their problems.