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A Beer or Three with Michael R. Fletcher
Tuesday , 22 March 2016 , 08 : 06 AM

A couple of months back I was lucky enough to grab Michael R. Fletcher for a chin wag and a beer from half the world away. We had a brilliant chat about Beyond Redemption, what happens when your book isn't a hit, what he's up to next and drank some marvellous beers.

Half a day later, in one of my most infuriating screw-ups to date, I surrendered to the undeniable fact that I had only recorded my voice and Mike was just lip synching to a muted sound track. 

This video is our second attempt at A Beer or Three With Michael R. Fletcher. I made Mike laugh at my jokes to make me seem less awkward. I believe he's done an admirable job.

I hope you enjoy our chat. Keep en eye out for for more from the GdM team in our A Beer or Three With... interviews.

A huge thanks to Mike for his time (twice over), his patience and for being our first guest.

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Comments (2)
Comments by Adrian April 24, 2016

I hope he finds a home for the sequels. I thought it was a great read. Just a personal opinion but I don’t think the artwork for the book helped. Artwork is so critical, and especially in the Fantasy/Grimdark genre. The books concept was fantastic and unfortunately the cover didn’t really reflect that. I didn’t look at it as a reader and think ‘Wow’ which in this day you need to be able to do. I found the book through a Facebook friend who recommended it and it was one of my reads of 2015. Ragnarok would be a good fit, I think for the next two.

Comments by Sean Patrick Hazlett March 27, 2016

Thanks for sharing Michael and Adrian.

Best of luck, Michael, with your next installment. Based on the recommendations of Adrian and the folks at the Grim Tidings Podcast, I bought your book and must say that it’s been thoroughly enjoyable.