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Thursday , 07 January 2016 , 04 : 47 AM
Issue # 6 has an absolutely cracking line up of fiction and non-fiction, covered with a beautiful piece of artwork based on one of Michael R. Fletcher's hassebrands, by Jason Deem. Issue #6 will be available on the 15th of January, 2016 via our webstore and Amazon. Fiction: At the Walls of Sinnlos by Michael R. Fletcher (a Manifest Delusions short story) A Fair Man by Peter Orullian (a Vault of Heaven short story) Twelve Minutes to Vinh Quang by T. R. Napper Excerpt: Blood of Innocents by Mitchell Hogan Non-Fiction: The Grimdark Villain by C. T. Phipps A review of Larry Correia's Son of the Black Sword (review by Malrubius) An Interview with Aliette de Bodard Publisher Roundtable with Tim Marquitz, Geoff Brown, Katie Cord, and Shawn Speakman A Review of Dishonoured by C. T. Phipps Addendum: James A. Moore has had his piece (which we committed to publishing in this issue at the end of his interview in issue #5) moved to issue #7 due to a scheduling conflict on our behalf. We're really looking forward to getting to publish such an awesome author in the next quarter's issue! Issue #6 is dedicated to our colleague, friend, and fellow grimdark enthusiast Kennet Rowan Gencks, who unexpectedly passed away on the 6th of November, 2015.
Wednesday , 23 September 2015 , 08 : 08 AM
Grimdark Magazine Issue #5 Line Up Grimdark Magazine issue #5 is chock full of grimdark goodness. We've pushed the genre boundaries of grimdark a bit more in this issue, with zombie apocalypses and cold-hearted near-future sci-fi to go with the three fantasy pieces, which include a Dominion of the Fallen short story by Aliette de Bodard. Short fiction: Against the Encroaching Darkness by Aliette de Bodard, a Dominion of the Fallen short story. First They Came for the Pigs by Chadwick Ginther. Boomer Hunter by Sean Patrick Hazlett The Right Hand of Decay by David Annandale Lessons of Necessity by T.C. Powell Articles: Who is the Grimdark Hero by C.T. Phipps Reviews: The Liar's Key by Mark Lawrence (review by Tom Smith) The Mechanical by Ian Tregellis (review by Malrubius) The Witcher 3 (review by C.T. Phipps) Interviews: James A. Moore Peter Orullian Excerpts The Dinosaur Lords by Victor Milan (Chapter 1) Purchase Grimdark Magazine #5 now over at our webstore:   Or over on Amazon (we get a little extra kick back if you use the below link to get there): Use this link to purchase Grimdark Magazine Issue #5 on Kindle from Amazon