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Wednesday , 01 July 2015 , 10 : 13 PM
Review: Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan Reviewed by Adrian Collins It's pretty rare that I get the first 50 pages into a book and decide on the spot to go purchase the rest of a series, but there are times when you just know that you're going to love an author's work. It happened to me the first time with Joe Abercrombie's The Heroes, and then again with Mark Lawrence's Prince of Thorns. And even though I thought I didn't like flintlock fantasy, it's happened again with Brian McClellan's Promise of Blood. Promise of Blood reads like the French Revolution crossed with Lightbringer. McClellan presents Adro through the eyes of Adamant, a retired investigator whose taken up as a freelancer. His old general, Tamas, has called him back into service. In need of work, he responds, only to find the coup has already happened. Tamas, the military leader of the coup, has just killed all bar one -- his son Taniel's best friend Bo --of the royal cabal and had a group of his powder mages killed by a fleeing Privileged of incredible power. Taniel Two-Shot, famed Powder Mage marksman, hunter, and killer of Privileged has come home to see his father. His relationship with famed general Tamas is a strained one, and despite his best efforts, Tamas always seems to want him around as no more as a particularly useful soldier.   As the city reacts to the coup -- the royal family and supporting lords and their families put to the guillotine, the Royalist military's last stand, the new council in charge -- Tamas sends Adamant on a mission to find out what Kresimir's Promise is, apart from the final words on a dying Privileged's lips. Adamant gets knee-deep in Adro's underworld to find out what danger comes the realm's way. Taniel...