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Monday , 06 October 2014 , 12 : 36 AM
Shatterwing Donna Maree Hanson Review by Cheresse Burke Warning - Spoilers Below   From the outside, Shatterwing seems to be an appealing dark fantasy story. Atypical fantasy world? Check. Intriguing plot? Check. Strong heroine? Sign me up. Unfortunately, appearances often differ from reality and despite a unique setting, Shatterwing’s characterization and narration left me cold. What began as a potentially interesting journey got lost in the quest to fulfill plot point after plot point, followed dutifully by characters in whom I had no real investment.   Wasteland under a Broken Moon Shatterwing is, for me, more about a place than the people in it. A once peaceful land, Margra, has been torn apart - physically, morally and politically - by the catastrophic explosion of the planet’s moon. Part of the moon has become a small cluster of asteroids, dubbed Shatterwing, and occasionally meteors fall to the planet’s surface. In addition to the meteors, Margra’s inhabitants must beware of dragons, who in this world are brutal beasts, interested in humans primarily as a food source. They have the run of the wastelands that stretch between the few cities or towns that we see in the book. The setting intrigued me, and my favorite parts of Shatterwing focused on the new world and how it worked. The author comes at it from both the present and the past, spending a small part of the book on the last member of a lost race who has survived by accident, only to discover that the shining civilizations of the Margra he knew have been replaced by ghost cities and backwards towns. I considered it a nice way to show the reader how the world used to be and to set the juxtaposition between the two periods. The world is also sufficiently dark for those...