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Thursday , 12 March 2015 , 05 : 05 AM
By Sean Grigsby   Logen Ninefingers is “grimdark personified”. He's a man whose duality is not just philosophical. Whether you sympathize with the quiet and loveable lug, Logan, or the blood-lusting counterpart known as the Bloody Nine, this guy gets under your skin—one way or another. He's a brute of a man: scarred, broken, but unbeaten. The actor who plays him will need to be big and have the skill to play both the affable barbarian, and the psychotic Bloody Nine. (If you haven't read The Blade Itself, quick, go find out more about Logen Ninefingers) While there’s no mention just yet of Joe Abercrombie’s First Law series heading for the big screen (through no lack of wishful thinking here, here, and a step towards visualisation with the First Law comic here), we've thrown together a list of actors who would fit well in the role of everybody’s favourite barbarian.   Sven Nordin You’ve probably never heard of this guy, unless you’re keen on Netflix’s Lilyhammer. This big Norwegian is a fine actor, who we think can bring out all of Logen’s complexities. He’s definitely the most soft-edged on the list. But remember, Hugh Jackman was doing musicals before becoming the Wolverine.     Manu Bennet Known for his roles as Crixus in the Spartacus series and Deathstroke in Arrow, Manu Bennet has shown he can pull off the part of a gruff warrior. He has the size, the brutality. But does he have the heart?     Clive Standen Fans of the Vikings TV series know that Clive Standen’s Rollo is a complicated force to be reckoned with. The Bloody Nine would be an easy transition. He was also in a few episodes of Doctor Who for those of you keeping fandom points.     Rory McCann The Hound is a...