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Thursday , 09 June 2016 , 10 : 20 AM
With the release of THE GREAT ORDEAL just around the corner, I'm sure there are plenty of you deadset ITCHING to get your hands on a copy early.  Looks enticing, right? Well, the fantastic folks over at Overlook have very kindly given GdM a paperback ARC to give away to one lucky fan! You'll find getting in the running easier than Kellhus would find manipulating you to do exactly what he wanted. Simply respond in the comments of this blog post with your favourite R. Scott Bakker character from any of his Second Apocalypse works (including Atrocity Tales). Tell us why they are your favourite and you could win. We'll pick a winner on the 14th of June and get the book posted to you! If you'd like to check out an excerpt of THE GREAT ORDEAL, click here.
Monday , 06 June 2016 , 03 : 49 AM
The hero of Los Nefilim is Diago Alvarez, and much like the Shadow (of the old Shadow pulps), Diago has magical abilities. He and his lover, Miquel, are part of a secretive group known as Los Nefilim (Spanish for The Nephilim--say it like "The Mob" and you've got the right idea). This group of angelic Nefilim monitor daimonic activity for the angels. The only thing is: Diago is not fully angelic. He is part daimon, part angel, and his very unique form of magic is sought by both sides in the conflict between angels and daimons. Like the Shadow, Diago moves through a world of espionage and partisan warfare with a rogues' gallery filled with angels, daimons, and mortals. In this excerpt from In Midnight's Silence, Diago has arrived home to find a mysterious package has been left for him. Inside the package is a glass box with a triptych etching of a woman Diago once knew on the first panel, Diago and the woman together on the second, and a boy on the third. Diago quickly deduces that a dalliance with another Nefil has resulted in the birth of his son. Inside the box, is the wedding band of Diago’s partner, Miquel, who is missing. Diago’s only clue is a calling card, which lists the name Beltran Prieto. Exclusive excerpt from In Midnight’s Silence  Diago switched on every light in the loft. Nothing appeared to have been disturbed, and there were no signs of a struggle. Miquel’s gun was still in his suitcase, along with his bowie knife. Diago closed the suitcase and shoved it back under the bed. In the front pocket of Miquel’s pants he found a crumpled theater bill. The heavily creased paper advertised a new bar not far from the Villa Rosa, where Miquel usually played. A large black...
Saturday , 20 September 2014 , 02 : 57 AM
In celebration of Grimdark Magazine's first release on the 1st of October, 2014, we're running a competition. Join our mailing list or pre-order issue number 1 (and join our mailing list) for the chance to win either an annual subscription or the first issue of Grimdark Magazine for free. Winning is simple. Be the 1st, 100th, 200th, etc, person to sign up to our mailing list before 23:59 September 30th (AEST) and you'll get a free membership for the first year. That's 4 free editions of Grimdark Magazine.  Be the 25th, 50th, 75th, 125th, 150th, 175th, etc, person to sign up to our mailing list before 23:59 September 30th (AEST) and receive the first edition of Grimdark Magazine for free.  All people that joined Grimdark Magazine's mailing list prior to the 00:01 21st of September, 2014, will be entered into a separate draw. The prizes are one (1) annual membership and two (2) first issues. Winners will be picked randomly out of a hat. If a Winner has pre-paid for the first issue, the payment will be refunded in full. Competition winners will be announced on Grimdark Magazine's Facebook page and by email on the 1st of October, 2014. Joining Grimdark Magazine's mailing list means we'll be able to notify you of new issue releases. We will respect your privacy, only using your details for the purpose that they were obtained - notifying you by email of our quarterly ezine releases. That's it. Nothing more. Nothing less. Pre-order here or click this whopping great green button to get on the list and into the competition!     You're able to opt out of the mailing list: After 23:59 October 2nd 2014 by emailing adrian@grimdarkmagazine.com. You'll remain in the competition. Before 23:59 October 2nd 2014 by emailing adrian@grimdarkmagazine.com. You'll be removed from the competition.   Notice to Australian NSW and...