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Saturday , 20 September 2014 , 02 : 57 AM
In celebration of Grimdark Magazine's first release on the 1st of October, 2014, we're running a competition. Join our mailing list or pre-order issue number 1 (and join our mailing list) for the chance to win either an annual subscription or the first issue of Grimdark Magazine for free. Winning is simple. Be the 1st, 100th, 200th, etc, person to sign up to our mailing list before 23:59 September 30th (AEST) and you'll get a free membership for the first year. That's 4 free editions of Grimdark Magazine.  Be the 25th, 50th, 75th, 125th, 150th, 175th, etc, person to sign up to our mailing list before 23:59 September 30th (AEST) and receive the first edition of Grimdark Magazine for free.  All people that joined Grimdark Magazine's mailing list prior to the 00:01 21st of September, 2014, will be entered into a separate draw. The prizes are one (1) annual membership and two (2) first issues. Winners will be picked randomly out of a hat. If a Winner has pre-paid for the first issue, the payment will be refunded in full. Competition winners will be announced on Grimdark Magazine's Facebook page and by email on the 1st of October, 2014. Joining Grimdark Magazine's mailing list means we'll be able to notify you of new issue releases. We will respect your privacy, only using your details for the purpose that they were obtained - notifying you by email of our quarterly ezine releases. That's it. Nothing more. Nothing less. Pre-order here or click this whopping great green button to get on the list and into the competition!     You're able to opt out of the mailing list: After 23:59 October 2nd 2014 by emailing adrian@grimdarkmagazine.com. You'll remain in the competition. Before 23:59 October 2nd 2014 by emailing adrian@grimdarkmagazine.com. You'll be removed from the competition.   Notice to Australian NSW and...