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Monday , 07 September 2015 , 01 : 05 AM
This book should be one of the introductory bibles to grimdark. There, I said it.   It's got a wide range of awesome authors writing for a very specific audience. And boy, do they do it well. What is Blackguards? Besides fucking awesome? It's an anthology by Ragnarok Publications featuring assassins, mercenaries, and rogues written by some of the best grimdark and dark fantasy authors out there. Back in 2014 I spotted something from a small publisher I didn't know a whole lot about on a website I'd never looked at before. Ragnarok Publications' Blackguards had gone up on Kickstarter. The Kickstarter had a fun vibe to it -- cheekily written with plenty of content -- so I threw down my hard earned and waited for the paperback to be delivered in the mail. In all honesty, I clean forgot I'd ordered it until I received an email from reception at work and ran downstairs to see what it was. When I first started reading Blackguards and taking notes for the review (with a memory like a sieve, you've got to take plenty of 'em!), it occurred to me that while some people might love to hear me crapping on about each individual story, others might not. So I've written two reviews: one that's an overall review with a few favourites, etc, picked out, and one where I've just gone berserk. I give you the long and the short of my review of Blackguards. The short of it Blackguards is a thoroughly enjoyable collection grimdark fantasy written by some of the premier authors of grimdark fantasy -- eg. Mark Lawrence, Peter Orullian, Bradley P. Beaulieu, Cat Rambo, John Gwynne, Anthony Ryan -- and a bunch of newer faces. The stories range from the cheeky and funny, to the super dark and vicious,...
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