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Thursday , 28 August 2014 , 05 : 43 AM
Welcome to the Grimdark Magazine blog! Adrian here, founder of Grimdark Magazine. Here you can expect to see book reviews, opinion pieces, and interviews from myself and the GdM team. To kick this off, I thought I'd answer a question I've been asked a few times at this point (a mere two months since I listed us on Duotrope, Ralan, and Submission Grinder). Why did I pick Grimdark? Publishing short fiction rarely pays dividends (there is a long list of closed listings for semi-to-pro paying markets), so why risk it on such a love it or hate it niche market? Two reasons. The niche market needed a pro-paying short fiction magazine. Fair enough. Passion. I love the Grimdark genre. It strikes a chord in me as a person. I'll explain. A really enjoyable topic on Goodreads started about one of my favourite series (Mark Lawrence's Broken Empire). It focussed on why we love reading about bad people such as Jorg Ancrath. It really got me thinking. Why do we love reading about bad people? Let's start by saying that connecting with a character is about finding something in there that you can relate to. For readers of Grimdark it's not rape, or murder, or necessarily any other action often portrayed in the works we love. It's the acceptance that everybody you know, including yourself, is a certain shade of grey between being a golden hero and a cold hearted villain. Nobody sits at either end of the scale. In my opinion, the idea of the golden hero in modern day society is a flawed one. So often a person is placed in the media as the hero of this incident, or the saviour of that person, or the king of some sporting game. It's all too common for that same person to be...