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Wednesday , 23 September 2015 , 08 : 08 AM
Grimdark Magazine Issue #5 Line Up Grimdark Magazine issue #5 is chock full of grimdark goodness. We've pushed the genre boundaries of grimdark a bit more in this issue, with zombie apocalypses and cold-hearted near-future sci-fi to go with the three fantasy pieces, which include a Dominion of the Fallen short story by Aliette de Bodard. Short fiction: Against the Encroaching Darkness by Aliette de Bodard, a Dominion of the Fallen short story. First They Came for the Pigs by Chadwick Ginther. Boomer Hunter by Sean Patrick Hazlett The Right Hand of Decay by David Annandale Lessons of Necessity by T.C. Powell Articles: Who is the Grimdark Hero by C.T. Phipps Reviews: The Liar's Key by Mark Lawrence (review by Tom Smith) The Mechanical by Ian Tregellis (review by Malrubius) The Witcher 3 (review by C.T. Phipps) Interviews: James A. Moore Peter Orullian Excerpts The Dinosaur Lords by Victor Milan (Chapter 1) Purchase Grimdark Magazine #5 now over at our webstore:   Or over on Amazon (we get a little extra kick back if you use the below link to get there): Use this link to purchase Grimdark Magazine Issue #5 on Kindle from Amazon
Tuesday , 15 September 2015 , 07 : 52 PM
After wrapping up our first year of Grimdark Magazine, we're doing everything we can to kick the magazine into the next gear. Below are a few of the things currently being stirred in the pot.   Battle-Off entries closed. Voters wanted! The entry window for the GdM Battle-Off is now closed. With nearly 1,400 votes cast, now is the time to get in amongst the action, read some free fiction, discover some new authors, and rate their works! Each piece takes only a few minutes to read, and voting takes a second per piece; perfect for your trip to work or an ad break. Click below and scroll down to find the full listing of excerpts available.   Issue #5 update We just locked in our last piece for Issue #5! The issue is looking brilliant, with another cover from Jason Deem setting the mood and a story from Aliette de Bodard set in the world she built in The House of Shattered Wings. Keep an eye on the blog for pre-release and more content details!   First Reader Positions Open With the brilliant Layla Cummins heading off and Cheresse Burke stepping into the second reader role we're after a couple of new first readers to join the GdM ranks. The GdM team is chock full of grimdark enthusiasts and a fun environment to be a part of. If you're interested in checking out the role (and a couple of other roles we have available, click through below.   The Grim Tidings Podcast I had a chat with the blokes at the Grim Tidings Podcast a couple of weeks ago about grimdark (surprise!), the magazine, violence in grimdark, and the survivability of the genre. The podcast, headed up by Rob and Phil, has been running for a few months and deals...
Saturday , 18 April 2015 , 10 : 58 PM
With issue #4 out, we've hit the end of our first year. We've had victories, failures (and a couple of epic fails, like Goodreads giving us the boot), laughs, and managed to get 4 issues out there on time each quarter. It's been a magnificent year working out just what it is to be a small publisher, and I've got some people to thank for the experience. Firstly, to you, our readers, thank you for giving us a crack and reading our issues, Facebook posts and blog rantings. Engaging you guys on our pages has been one of the highlights of running GdM. It's been awesome getting to know the grimdark community.  Secondly, and very importantly, a huge thank you to the GdM team who have made this dream a reality by putting their expertise, passion and time into each issue and all that happens in between. Something that often goes unrecognised is that these small publisher teams often volunteer their time. Our team is 100% voluntary. GdM runs on pure passion for grimdark alone. To find out more about the guys and to follow their own works, go over to our about us page. To the lifeblood; those hundreds of you who have submitted short stories to compete for the very few spots we have available for unsolicited short stories in a year. You've opened my eyes to what is possible in under 4,000 words. You've also shown us just how bloody difficult it can be to run a publication like this. Having to let some of your stories go to other publications because we ran out of budget is nothing short of gutting. I've been so stoked to be able to publish guys like Peter Fugazotto, Kelly Sandoval, Siobhan Gallagher, Aaron Fox-Lerner, Tim Napper and Tara Calaby alongside articles from contributors such as...