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Wednesday , 22 June 2016 , 08 : 40 AM
When Kaaron Warren agreed to be a part of Evil is a Matter of Perspective, I was so stoked to have a fellow Aussie join the ToC. Her work is brilliant, her list of awards and nominations as long as my arm, and I'm ecstatic to have her on board. Meet the ladies that made me want to bring Kaaron warren's horror style on board, the Grey Ladies from The Unwanted Women of Surrey! Excerpt of Kaaron Warren's The Unwanted Women of Surrey Of all of the unwanted women of Surrey, Grace was the one most terrified when the Grey Ladies knocked on our door. It was a gentle knock; certainly a gentlewoman. Grace took a last sip of tea and leapt up. “Allow me,” she said, as if anyone else was permitted to answer the door when she was at home. She lived in hope; she imagined somehow her husband would change his mind and take her back to the Manor. He would not. They never do. We heard the door open, and her gasp, then a wild screaming. I spilled my tea in my hurry to reach her, and a plate of scones tipped to the floor. Cook would be heartily offended. Grace was slumped against the door frame, her face ashen. Standing clustered together, tall, skeletally thin, grey skinned, were three women. Their mouths were open as if they would speak, but instead they turned and glided away. Grace screamed again and Dot joined her. Red Sheila shook; she was in no state to comfort them. “Come on, inside,” I said. Faith still sat in the drawing room, neatly nibbling on a ginger biscuit. “Faith, help me seat our friends,” I snapped at her, wanting her out of her reverie. “Who was at the door?” she asked, only now noticing...