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Wednesday , 25 February 2015 , 09 : 15 PM
In Defence of Grimdark By Sean Grigsby “Grimdark is dead.” – Justin Landon (Nerds of a Feather blog) Across the ages, when women and men were under attack by forces that would see their heads on spikes, they would take up whatever weapon they called friend, rally together, and slog through the mud to defend what they believed in. My sisters and brothers of grimdark, our favourite subgenre is under attack. A recent blog featured three publishing professionals who were asked if grimdark fantasy has had its day in the sun and what would come after. If these individuals didn’t decree the full-on “death” of Grimdark, they brushed it off as some phase the SFF community would get over in due time—like pubescent acne. “Grimdark is a parody of itself, and the best grimdark writers are not writing grimdark at all. They're writing about hope. And if the authors who popularized the genre aren't writing grimdark, then who is?” – Aidan Moher (Nerds of a Feather blog) Mark Lawrence gathered the denizens of grimdark to voice their opinions over on his blog, and now we, the fans (well, the ones on the GdM team, anyway), are having our say (including quotes plucked to suit our agenda). In one of my recent novels, a character asks, “Can you appreciate the light without the darkness?” If fiction holds a mirror to society, wouldn’t it be a bit hypocritical of us not to acknowledge the parts of ourselves that weren’t all that attractive? Like grimdark author Scott Lynch (Gentlemen Bastards Series), I’m a firefighter. I’ve seen the dark underbelly of society. I’ve seen what drugs can do to a person’s psyche and anatomy. I’ve witnessed brigands being thrown into police cruisers and the look on their face as realization sets in—what they’ve done,...
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Sunday , 28 December 2014 , 07 : 54 PM
That time of the quarter is almost here, when we kick up our feet and feast on some grimdark goodness. This quarter we've got a cracking line-up for you, a deal for those only coming to GdM at the second release and a cheeky little competition.   The Line Up There are 3 large (-er) fiction short stories in GdM #2. From Writers of the Future winner T.R. Napper we've got a hard bitten sci-fi piece where George, a cage fighter, finds himself under the heavy boot of Hope Corporation in The Line. Next up is another sci-fi piece -- a tip of the glass to MMORPGs -- where a young drone pilot works through his boyhood issues in a storm of rockets in Aaron Fox-Lerner's Drone Strikes for Fun and Profit. Finally, the one that has the Bakkerfans going berserk, the first of two installments in R. Scott Bakker's The Knife of Many Hands.  We've also got an excerpt of Richard K Morgan's recently released The Dark Defiles, featuring Egar Dragonbane and one insult too many. The cover is a commissioned piece from Julian De Lio, a depiction of R. Scott Bakker's Sacred Hewer. On the non-fiction side of things, we've got two interviews - Kameron Hurley showing us how far we and the genre have to go and Richard K Morgan wading into the grimdark discussion. GdM's Cheresse Burke reviews Rob J. Hayes' The Heresy Within and Jeremy Szal reviews Karen Miller's The Falcon Throne. GdM's team have come up with another insightful article to round out the issue - Grimdark Onscreen by Layla Cummins and Kyle Massa.  That's a whole lot of meat for $2.99! (How about a free issue #2 for the first comment below that correctly identifies the sportsman I was thinking of with that "meat" comment - badger me for hints if you need help)...