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Sunday , 28 September 2014 , 04 : 28 AM
As well as providing an awesome Broken Empire short story for Grimdark Magazine's first ever issue, Mark Lawrence was good enough to chat to us about grimdark, short fiction, Broken Empire, Red Queen's War, and more. Reader warning – This interview contains spoilers [GdM] The Broken Empire is a cracking read, darker than dark, making us love people we probably should not. You’ve shown a skill few authors manage in achieving that and made yourself a stalwart of the Grimdark genre. We can’t wait to see where The Red Queen’s War takes us over the next few books. [GdM] What does “Grimdark” mean to you? [ML] To be honest, I don’t know what it means. My first encounter with the term was seeing it used as a pejorative to belittle certain books. Since mine were the only titles it was aimed at that I had actually read, that didn’t leave me a lot to build on in order to construct a definition. If you ask people you’ll get a great range of very different answers, from “this thing I don’t approve of” to “this thing I like”. I even made a blog post on the subject! http://mark---lawrence.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/what-is-grimdark.html   [GdM] What do you like to see in fiction and why? [ML] That’s a very big little question! I guess the only useful answer is to say how what I like might be unusual or at odds with the majority, because obviously I like to be entertained in a diverse collection of ways just like any other reader. I like an intellectual side to what I read, though I don’t demand it. I don’t like message-fiction. I’m not interested in being ‘educated’ in the politics of the author or steered toward an opinion. I do like to see the power and beauty...