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Friday , 30 December 2016 , 11 : 03 PM
Dust off that imagination and get ready for action because Grimdark Magazine #10 is going to blow you away. Pre-Order Grimdark Magazine Issue 10  This issue features The Lady of Crows, a Raven's Shadow novella by Anthony Ryan where you'll run into some old favourite characters and see the world through a typically badass protagonist. The Lady of Crows grabs you by the collar and pulls you through a gripping story in the kind of whirlwind story we've come to expect from Ryan. For fans of the Raven's Shadow series, this is a must have accompaniment to the overall story. Issue #10 also features the first in a new series of author articles with Jesse Bullington (The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart and, as Alex Marshall, the Crimson Empire series) kicking us off with Worlds Without End: Keys to Rich, Believable Worldbuilding. John Gwynne (The Faithful and the Fallen) and Deborah A. Wolf (The Dragon's Legacy) both stop by for a chat with our bloke in the trenches Tom Smith, and Matthew Cropley has penned another article for this issue, this time on The Future of Grimdark. Finally, we review The Mirror's Truth by Michael R. Fletcher and The Forgetting Moon by Brian Lee Durfee. Pre-order for our 13th January release using the below link! Or jump on our new subscription service through Patreon by clicking on this link.