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Thursday , 14 May 2015 , 11 : 07 PM
Grimdark Magazine issue #4 is locked in, and have we got a cracking issue ready for you! Behind another brilliant piece of artwork on the cover, you'll get short stories, an article, a review, excerpts and a couple of interviews. Here's what you'll find inside: Cover art: a dark piece from Jason Deem named Symbiosis. Short stories: In Brazen Dreams by Matthew Ward shady characters converge on a powerful relic. Tara Calaby asks "what happens after happily ever after" in Ashes.  Redemption Waits by Mike Brooks set in his Keiko universe (Dark Run). A Steelhaven short story by Richard Ford, The Halfwyrd's Burden. Excerpts: A Crown for Cold Silver by Alex Marshall The Liar's Key by Mark Lawrence Reviews: The Vagrant by Peter Newman Interviews: Peter V. Brett  Brandon Sanderson  Article: The Mud, the Blood and the Years by Ragnarok and Orbit author John R. Fultz Purchase Grimdark Magazine #4 now If you'd prefer to buy from Amazon, do us a favour and PLEASE USE THIS LINK. We get a kickback from Amazon. Every little bit helps!
Tuesday , 24 March 2015 , 06 : 00 AM
Grimdark Magazine is out NOW! That's right, you heard it here first. Grimdark Magazine #3 is out early! No pre-order, no nuthin', just straight into the guts of it. In this issue, you'll find the conclusion to R. Scott Bakker's The Knife of Many Hands (Part II) and short stories from Siobhan Gallagher, Peter Fugazzotto and Kelly Sandoval. There are interviews with Luke Scull and R. Scott Bakker, as well as excerpts from Luke Skull's Sword of the North and Mike Brooks's Dark Run. Cheresse reviews Sword of the North and Malrubius reviews Tim Marquitz's Dirge. Last, but not least, Layla Cummins and Jeremy Szal present Grimdark in Gaming. All packaged in behind an amazing cover by Austen Mengler. All up that's 25,500 words of grimdark goodness. But what about the bundle deals? We've got a couple of absolutely cracking bundle deals for you. They'll give you a whopping 20% off for buying more than one title. BAKKER PACK BUNDLE DEAL: Get The Knife of Many Hands Part 1 and 2 plus an interview with the man himself in GdM #2 and #3. Add in short stories, interviews (Kameron Hurley, Richard K. Morgan, Luke Scull), excerpts and articles and there is a whole lot of meat on them bones.   TRIPLE KIDNEY PUNCH BUNDLE DEAL: Get the first three issues of GdM at 20% off. That's Lawrence, Tchaikovskly, McNeill, Hurley, Morgan, Bakker, Marquitz, Scull and so much more!
Thursday , 28 August 2014 , 05 : 59 AM
ROGUES Edited by George RR Martin and Gardner Dozois Once again George RR Martin and Gardner Dozois have done a fantastic job in gathering stories from some of the biggest names in fantasy and science fiction. The characters are consistently grey. The stories vary through grim and gritty to fantastical and funny. And the central theme in each one, whether male or female, is a rogue. Abercrombie, Rothfuss, Lynch, Abraham, and Martin all contribute some fantastic works amongst a host of superlative authors. The stand outs for me were: Joe Abercrombie's piece 'Tough Times All Over' (First Law) which follows a package through the streets of Sipani as it's stolen time and time again by the city's interesting and colourful denizens; Gillian Flynn's 'What Do You Do?', a spine-tingling story about a con artist and a family she shouldn't have conned; Patrick Rothfuss's 'The Lightning Tree' (Kingkiller Chronicle) where we get to see a day in the life of Bast as he ventures from the Waystone Inn to learn lessons, trade secrets for riddles, and help the children (while also helping himself to the maidens) of the surrounding area; and, George RR Martin's 'The Rogue Prince, Or, a King's Brother' (A Song of Ice and Fire) where he tells us the story of Daemon Targaryen and his impact in the lead up to the Dance of Dragons. George RR Martin's short releases where the story is told with the voice of a maester recounting a historical research piece are really engaging. At first i thought they may read a bit poorly, as if Martin might just be trying to make a bit of extra coin out of his own historical notes. However, Martin very quickly gets you into the right headspace and has your imagination whirling as he adds layer upon layer of mouth-watering story...