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Tuesday , 17 May 2016 , 07 : 41 PM
Andy Hall is the Lead Writer on the highly anticipated Total War: Warhammer from Creative Assembly. He was kind enough to take a few minutes off to chat with us about the game that has both Total War and Warhammer Fantasy Battles fans collectively throwing their credit cards at him and screaming "TAKE MY MONEY". Andy is a 16 year Games Worksop veteran who worked with the likes of Jervis Johnson, Gav Thorpe and Rick Priestley on many games such as Blood Bowl, Warmaster and Inquisitor when at the Specialist Games studio and then as editor of Fanatic Magazine. After a five year stint on White Dwarf, he left GW and worked on numerous Warhammer-flavoured computer games including Warhammer Quest, Blood Bowl 2 and Vermintide. He’s now full time at Creative Assembly as Lead Writer on Total War: Warhammer. Let's get chatting about the game I can't wait to set eyes on!   [GdM] Throughout the Total War series on loading screens we often see quotes meant to inspire, guide and warn. I always got such a huge kick out of them. With so many books, short stories, and fluff pieces already written in the Warhammer world, were you able to use a few choice quotes that we may recognise or did you need to come up with new ones? [AH] Wow, I've done what must be well over 50 interviews for this project so far and no one's asked me about loading screen quotes before! To answer - there's a few new ones I've written, but the vast majority are taken from existing material in a scatter gun approach. The loading screen is a good way to show just how deep this world is, and so having a random sample of factoids and quotes from the full spectrum of the Old World...