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Market Place: Spiral Horizon Art (Jason Deem)


Jason Deem’s ability to pull characters from the pages of an author’s imagination has earned the praise of Michael R. Fletcher and Adrian Collins. With 20 years graphic/product design and art direction experience, Jason illustrates with a designer’s eye and sound production sensibilities, ensuring these highly detailed images are fit-for-purpose – be they for a wrap-around dust jacket or a Facebook author page header.

Exclusive Services

Jason offers a versatile range of on-demand illustration services, with size and content requirements tailored to your needs.




Dust Jacket / Wrap around

Full colour wrap around dust jacket with exclusive rights (one character + stylistic background)

  • Additional character/s +$100USD each
  • Detailed background +$100USD
  • USD$600

    Front cover only

    Full colour front cover only with exclusive rights (one character + stylistic background)

  • Additional character/s +$100USD each
  • Detailed background +$100USD
  • USD$500

    Facebook page header

    Full colour 828x315px with exclusive rights (one character + stylistic background)

  • Additional character/s +$100USD each
  • Detailed background +$100USD
  • USD$250

    Website images (customizable)

    As required by purchaser



    Non-Exclusive Services

    Jason’s range of pre-made covers for purchase are available for non-exclusive, non-editable, use on your own books and website!

    All covers are available in 300dpi jpegs at 2,500 x 4,000px

    Red Kent








    Making a Purchase

    Making a purchase for exclusive and non-exlusive work by Jason Deem is easy. Our web store isn't equipped to handle the process yet, so send an email to adrian@grimdarkmagazine.com, including the following information:

    • Subject: "Marketplace: Cover Art Services"
    • Body:
      • Type of service requested (eg. "Exclusive front page only cover art", or "Facebook Header creation", or "Purchase of non-exclusive cover art")
      • Paypal email address

    For exclusive pieces, I'll provide you with confirmation of the details and put you in contact with Jason to get the 



    Very cool! I never think about cover art when I write about all these ugly people. It's so cool to see him rendered that way. Deadly, and yet pathetic. Jason did an amazing job. Please pass along my thanks.


    Michael R. Fletcher

    Author of Beyond Redemption



    Jason is the consummate professional; always open to feedback and easy to work with to get the imagery I want on the cover of Grimdark Magazine. As you can see on each of his GdM covers, his work always meets our branding requirements perfectly. I actually shivered with cold when I saw his issue #5 cover art!


    Adrian Collins

    Editor in Chief for Grimdark Magazine