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Grimdark Magazine Issue #10

GdM#10 brings you:
- THE LADY OF CROWS by Anthony Ryan: Get back into the Raven's Shadow world with a 20,000 word novella. A quest for bloody vengeance forces Derla, a skilled veteran of the Varinshold underworld, into the service of arch schemer King Janus. Charged with protecting the renowned drunkard and cardsharp Sentes Mustor, Derla finds herself drawn into a high stakes game with the notorious criminal overlord known as One Eye.
- WORLDS WITHOUT END: KEYS TO RICH, BELIEVABLE WORLDBUILDING by Jesse Bullington (Alex Marshall): A tutorial by the author who brought you A Crown for Cold Silver and The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart.
- THE FUTURE OF GRIMDARK by Matthew Cropley: Matt explores where this magnificent genre is heading.
- Interviews with John Gwynne and Deborah A Wolf by our man in the trenches Tom Smith.
- Reviews of Michael R. Fletcher's THE MIRROR'S TRUTH Brian Lee Durfee's THE FORGETTING MOON.

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